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What real wall.k.dotters say...

Joke, a speech therapist and mother of two:


The wall.k.dots really brightened up my waiting room; the colours are fabulous!

The children walking past them spontaneously look for the letters they learn at school, the letters they recognise from their own name, and so on. And all of this even before our therapy session has started! The game lets us set to work on practising how to distinguish things from one another, both in a visual and auditory manner, as well as reading letters (strengthening the ability to link letters to sounds). Not only that, looking at all the funny poses you get when you point out the different letters really makes you laugh!
 It’s one of the best games around, whether for professional use or at home, and can be used for people of all ages!"

SMART DOTS taal in logopediepraktijk.jpg

Katrien, third-year nursery school teacher:


“I have given the game with the body parts a special place in my classroom!
 It is colourful and absolutely an eye-catcher! When I started sticking the dots onto the wall, the children were very curious and wanted to start playing as soon as possible.
They really enjoy it and ask me all the time: “Can we play that game again?”
I, as a teacher, find this game to be very educational: the children learn how to name the parts of their body, 
to name colours, to become more aware of their own body, to play together and to wait for their turn. They also get plenty of exercise and they really enjoy themselves!
 To put it briefly: this game is an absolute hit!!!”

Stéphanie, physiotherapist at the "De Groeitrap" children’s centre:


“We installed our wall.k.dots today, and it was a huge success!
We looked for strategic spots so that they can be reached by everyone, from our smallest to our biggest patients, whether they have neurological problems or problems with their psychomotor development, or whether they creep or crawl. Oh, and the mirror was definitely a big plus. You will soon be able to see how not only we, but our little patients, enjoy this game! Work hard, play harder!


The wall.k.dots can be used in countless different ways. Not only do they encourage bigger children to move about more; the littlest ones are also encouraged in their development. The beautiful colours and animals appeal to the imagination, have a magnetic appeal and clearly have an enthusing effect!"


Alexandra, mother of Olivia and teacher:


"Olivia is a little behind in her motor development. Which was to be expected, because after several operations there were many hours, days and weeks in which we focused on recovery rather than development. We were assisted by a fantastic physiotherapist for babies and went in search of ways and toys to encourage her development while having fun at the same time while lying on her tummy. So, we hit upon the wall and floor stickers. Olivia wants to lick the animals, which is not harmful as they are PVC-free. She wriggles about from one animal to another, which encourages crawling. She is also encouraged to move her hands and arms, which were often in splints. I can already see her playing with the dice to do things like ‘put your right hand on the orange kangaroo’ and ‘be the first to touch the pink lion’. Aside from the motivating and educational factor, wall.k.dots are also simply gorgeous to look at."

Maxine, mother of two boys:


“How wonderful are the dots?! My two boys just love them!
They make up new games with them, jumping from one to the other.
It makes me really happy to see them thinking creatively and to offer them a fun indoor game that also gives them plenty of exercise.
Not only that; it's an ultra-fun addition to their room. We have the pastel-coloured dots that give their room a really cool look.”

INTERIOR DOTS springen is leuk.JPG

Tine, mother of three and second-year primary school teacher:

“This educational game is a fun eye-catcher for Pim’s bedroom. Because his room is so small, we left everything white, but we were happy to add a bit of colour thanks to
 It also encourages Pim to move about more and to learn his colours in a playful manner.
 But his big sisters are also big fans of this 3D game and have a great time when they join him!”

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