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Safety Precautions.


1. Wall.k.dots are intended to be stuck to walls, floors, windows, doors and other surfaces. They should not be stuck on top of each other. Any children helping to apply the stickers should always be supervised by an adult. Don’t leave the stickers lying around. Stick them to the desired surfaces immediately to prevent choking or suffocation (by sticking stickers on each other’s mouth or swallowing them, etc.). 


2. As the game contains small parts (the dice are approx. 2.5 cm), children must always be supervised (by an adult) while playing it. Because the dots that are affixed to the dice are very small, there is a risk of choking if these are peeled off. That is why the game is not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Children must never put the stickers or the dice in their mouths to prevent any risk of suffocation.


3. If the dots are stuck to the floor, the players must be barefoot or wear shoes. Wearing socks or shoes with slippery soles may increase the players’ likelihood of slipping. 


4. Wall.k.dots are not suited for outdoor use or for use in damp or wet rooms (shower, bathroom, etc.) or near a heat source.


5. Long-term, intensive use may cause the stickers to wear out. Make sure that your children do not put any loose parts in their mouths. Remove loose parts immediately.


6. The dots can be cleaned using a damp cloth and, if necessary, a mild detergent.


7. The stickers come with a removable adhesive layer. When used properly, they do not cause any damage to the surface when removing the stickers. If they do not come off easily, we recommend warming the stickers slightly with a hair dryer. That way they will come off more easily.® cannot be held liable for any damage, whether material or immaterial, resulting from the use of the game.

Always use active toys under the supervision of an adult.
® has been approved in accordance with Directive 2009/48/EC of the European Parliament and Council of 18 June 2009 concerning the safety of toys (The ‘Toy Directive’).
® has been registered with the BBIE as an idea and a brand.

The name® and the logo constitute a protected figurative trademark with word elements.

Therefore, it is not permitted to reproduce or copy
® or to use® as a trade name.

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