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About me.

  Hi! I am Klaar Kindt, the mother of two rugged and cuddly boys.
I am an architect and develop concepts in the way of interior design and lettering but, above all, I like to work with children. When I became the mother of two little nippers myself, it really bothered me that I couldn’t find any good toys for them. Being a designer, it was only natural that I wanted toys that fit into my interior and would preferably not end up among all the other toys in the cupboard. In other words: I didn’t want to have to tidy up their toys all the time!

  Then, when my children started to bring paper homework and holiday magazines home with them and I noticed that they weren't always motivated to work I started thinking. What if I developed educational toys for my kids that would allow them to learn, move about and play at the same time?
® was born.

 To me, it was as if all the pieces of a puzzle had come together.

  • I can give my creativity free rein.

  • I can put my experience in the field of lettering and interior decorating to good use.

  • And I can help my children – and other children – learn and move about while playing a fun game!

Socially relevant.

  I want to contribute to this world and am passionate about children.
In another life, I might have become a nursery school teacher or a paediatric nurse, but things turned out differently. When the time came for me to choose a career, architecture called to me loudest. However, children continued to intrigue and fascinate me.
® has allowed to me to do something really meaningful for them and their parents.
I hope to make a significant contribution to speech and physiotherapists who want to do things differently, who want children to really be children and who want to turn their waiting room and practice into a playful environment.
To help professionals who work with children and want to encourage their development – and even rehabilitation – in a playful manner.
® is also certainly worth a try for parents of children who have difficulty learning.
The testimonials speak for themselves.


“Through® I want to help parents of children who have difficulty learning as well as professionals that have an educational impact on the lives of children.”

Infinite creativity, infinite possibilities.


As a highly sensitive mother all my senses are continually activated, my creativity is boundless and I am bursting with new ideas every day.
This has led to six different basic games. Yes, they are basic games, because wall.k.dots encourages children to invent their own games, and thanks to a few accessories the possibilities are infinite.
We can even make fully customised stickers or games, and we can even install the game for you on site if you want. Allow yourself to be inspired here by a few creative kids!

Ready to learn some new things together?


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