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A frequently asked question:

do you also deliver made-to-order projects?

Yes, collaborates with UpArt-VerticalConcepts (lettering and interior design),
which allows us to offer a fully tailored design for more complex situations.

We can even take care of the installation.

No worries! These custom projects are also developed by Klaar Kindt with expertise and love, only under a different brand name.
Do you have a challenging project or a burning question?
Send us an email and we will look for a creative solution together!


Custom projects are ordered for:

  • Schools with a specific goal in mind

  • Waiting rooms for GPs or group practises, where they want children to be entertained but good hygiene is also very important

  • Speech therapists and physiotherapists who want a tailor-made game to teach specific skills

  • The wall.k.dots on metal or magnetised stickers for flexible use at schools and practices. Different sets on magnetised stickers can easily be interchanged on a surface of a on metal stickers. This enables children of different age levels to play with different sets in one place, such as a corridor.

  • ...

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