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SMART DOTS ° 123 (maths)

SMART DOTS ° 123 (maths)

Do your kids have trouble with mathematics, but do you find it difficult to make them do extra assignments?

Do your kids need to be encouraged to improve their maths skills?

Do you want to add some variety and fun in between more serious learning assignments in your classroom, in your practice, or at home? is an educational game in which use is made of dice and stickers that are affixed to walls and floors.

It encourages children to get a little exercise and learn as they play.


It has been proven that learning while playing and moving about has a positive effect on children’s cognitive development. It’s lots of fun, too!


Older children can help younger children in this game, and the littlest ones can also play with their mum and dad or a supervisor.


It’s a wonderful way to learn and get a little exercise together.


And physical activity makes you happy! Hurray!


Ready to get started?

SMART DOTS is a original, a movement game which will make you learn far more than you would expect.

This game promotes:

✅ the ability to recognise and distinguish between colours and numbers

✅ counting and maths skills

✅ fine and gross motor skills

✅ the desire to move about and learn

✅ free play and inventing creative games by yourself

✅ group play


game rules

  • What’s inside the box?

    The SMART DOTS ° 123 consist of:

    ✅ 24 larger and 12 smaller sticker dots. (3x numbers 0 to 10 & a maths sign)

    ✅ in beautiful colors to choose.

    ✅ with prints of numbers and arithmetic marks.

    ✅ 4 wooden dice with the numbers 1-20

    ✅ 1 wooden dice with "+", "-", "x"

    ✅ 1 wooden dice with the chosen colors

    ✅ 1 wooden dice with the body parts

    ✅ installation manual

    ✅ manual game

    ✅ all stickers are PVC- and phthalate free

    ✅ safe for children, even the little ones

  • Shipping and Delivery

    Price including VAT, excluding shipping. We only sell and deliver in Belgium, Benelux and Europe.


    Belgium: 1 € (0-50g) / 2 € (50-100g) / 6 € (100g-5kg) / 7 € (5-10kg) / 11 € (10-30kg)

    Europe: 2 € (0-50g) / 4.5 € (50-100g) / 16.5 € (100g-10kg) / 20 € (10-20kg) / 40 € (20-30kg)


    Delivery in Belgium: 7-12 working days, depending on stock.

    Delivery in Europe: 10-20 working days, depending on stock.

  • Safety

    The wall.k.dots are suitable to play under supervision, as they come with small parts (the dice are approximately 2.5 cm in size). Because of the small stickerdots on the dice, there is a risk of choking. Therefore the game is not suitable for children under 3 years old. Neither the stickers nor the dice should be put in the mouth to avoid danger of choking.

    Read here all safety regulations.


What real wall.k.dotters say...

DSC_9221 kopie (1).jpg

Katrien, third-year nursery school teacher:

“To put it briefly: this game is an absolute hit!!!”

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