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The Matrices, or cheat stickers for the SMART DOTS abc, are stickers with auxiliary matrices.

Auxiliary stickers that you can stick on the wall between the other stickers.

You don't have to clean them up, they can't get lost, and they finish the game.


That is how it works:

you roll the dice with the colors and the dice with the body parts.

Your child looks for the spot with the correct combination in the matrix on the cheat sticker and knows which letter he/she has to look for, or which word he/she has to form on the wall.


The supplement set consists of 2 cheat stickers for toddlers/preschoolers and 1 for primary school:



1 with the "large letters", and 1 turnover sticker to see what the "large letter" looks like in the small version.

This way it can easily be found on the wall.

For example, the preschoolers learn to follow matrices, recognize the "large letters", and convert them to lowercase.


primary school kids:

Only suitable for Dutch speaking people, because of de Dutch words.

The cheat sticker is here a matrix, where you end up with an image through the correct combination.

This image is the word that must be made on the sticker dots.

The kids learn to follow a matrix, convert an image into a word, and make it on the sticker dots.


game rules + placement and safety regulations

  • Shipping and delivery

    Price including VAT, excluding shipping. We only sell and deliver in Belgium, Benelux and Europe.


    Belgium: 1 € (0-50g) / 2 € (50-100g) / 6 € (100g-5kg) / 7 € (5-10kg) / 11 € (10-30kg)

    Europe: € 2 (0-50g) / € 4.5 (50-100g) / € 16.5 (100g-10kg) / € 20 (10-20kg) / € 40 (20-30kg)


    Delivery in Belgium: 7-12 working days, depending on stock.

    Delivery in Europe: 10-20 working days, depending on stock.

  • Safety regulations

    The wall.k.dots are suitable to play with under supervision, as they come with small parts (the dice of about 2.5 cm in size). Because of the small sticker dots on the dice, there is a risk of suffocation if they are picked up. Therefore the game is not suitable for children under 3 years old. Neither the stickers nor the dice should be put in the mouth to avoid choking hazards.


    Read here all safety regulations.


What real wall.k.dotters say...

DSC_9221 kopie (1).jpg

Katrien, third-year nursery school teacher:

“To put it briefly: this game is an absolute hit!!!”

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