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Thanks to®, 

learning is child's play!

wallkadot t-shirt

Are you ready to take up

the challenge?


teach children how to:




do arithmetic



an educational game

in 1.2..3...

Do you, as a parent, physiotherapist, speech therapist, care professional or supervisor want children to really be children,
to ensure that they get a bit of exercise and teach them something at the same time?
Do you want them to develop their creativity – and surreptitiously play along with them?

You can! In an infinite number of ways. Get your®,

affix the removable stickers to whichever surfaces you want

and start playing! Another great advantage: no need to tidy up afterwards!

Available in seven unique basic versions, with lots of accessories.

Use the same game to motivate toddlers and young teens.
Choose your favourite version in the shop.

Instructions for playing®.

1. stick the dots

2. throw the dice

3. play & learn

What real wall.k.dotters say....

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Katrien. third-year nursery school teacher. 

“To put it briefly: this game is an absolute hit!!!”

What do you need?

That's easy! 

A 1,5m2 space

+ 36 stickers

+ dice

+ at least one child

= a ridiculously fun and educational time!

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200610 mogelijkheden plaatsing-05.png
200610 mogelijkheden plaatsing-07.png

Order yours today!® is made from child-friendly, PVC-free materials,

which makes it unique on the market.

This is why the game is consciously produced in small volumes.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity and reserve your® today!

About and Klaar.® is a unique game that was created an developed by Klaar Kindt.

She is an architect and also the managing director of the interior decorating and lettering company UpArt,

as well as the mother of two children who are eager to learn, but find it difficult to sit still.

Thanks to® she has come full circle, literally!

100% Belgian

Free of PVC en phthalates

Encourages spontaneous exercise

Fits in every interior

No need to tidy up afterwards

Fun for all ages, from toddlers to teens

Happy kids guarantee!

Easy to install yourself thanks to the "removable" and "bubble-free" adhesive layer

What are the advantages to this learning game?

Do you want to become a real wall.k.dotter?

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