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What’s inside the box?

- 24 large and 12 small sticker dots, for walls, floors, ceilings and other surfaces .

- 2 dice (1 with colours and 1 with figures)



Affix the sticker dots to various surfaces as explained in the application instructions.


Instructions for playing the game.

Step 1:

The player who can stand on one leg like a flamingo the longest gets to go first and roll the dice.

Step 2:

The player who has rolled both dice looks at the result.

Place a body part on the dots with the right colour and the right figure (e.g. the orange elephant or the red finger).

Step 3:

Now, the next player – in clockwise order – takes his turn. 

The children keep their body parts on the dots corresponding to the dice they have thrown and try to remain in that position.

Step 4:

The winner is the first player with 4 body parts on the dots corresponding to the dice that were thrown.






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